Uk Colleges And Universities

First, there is a difference between further education and higher education. Further education is provided by colleges and gives a number of special qualifications such as Business Study, Engineering, Catering etc. They are specially designed for basic knowledge study, which is an integral part of further education and special subject study. Often further education students are able to combine a few subjects and get two or three certificates accordingly. Most further education students are adults who are above 21 years old. They prefer to study part-time and go to work while studying. Anyway, it is your choice whether you will study full-time or part-time. Usually part-time jobs allow further education students cover their tuition fees expenses.

UK educational institutions are divided into state and private colleges and universities. Some decades ago state colleges and universities considerably differed from each other, especially in education funding system and costs. Nowadays both types of institutions have high tuition fees and smaller amount of grants, University Access Funds and student loans assistance programs. Universities UK provide a wide range of subjects and qualifications to study. Education programmes at universities include lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings and practices. Some of them even organize working experience for a year or less. High tuition fees cover access to university books, software and computers. Be aware of ALL university facilities before applying for study: you must know well what you will have for your big money!

Although higher education requires much study, research, writing and reading the most study process is independent; lectures, seminars and workshops take much less time than self-research and study. Of course you will be signed your own individual tutor who will guard your study and control your results, but be ready to become a self-organized student who plans his education process himself.

All universities and even further education colleges in UK have specially assigned consultants who provide all information which you need. They are happy to consult you even in your private matters. However, it would be better to check the university or college environment by yourself. For example, such aspects as social environment, college/university city or town society, availability of night clubs, sports clubs or beaches play a significant role in our life. City/town living standards will help you count your accommodation and living expenses; remember, you are going to spend a couple of years there!

Each year both private and state universities reduce their financial assistance, state and university grants cover only about 10 percent of education fees. Find out as much as possible about financial aid availabilities, at least you can apply for student education loans system. This system is the easiest way for funding education in UK now. However, you should remember it is repayable and sometimes has high interest ratio which expands to 20 years for paybacks to be affordable.

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