Study Overseas In New Zealand And Other Countries

Going to study overseas is becoming increasingly popular and is seen more and more as a wonderful opportunity to be taken. But overseas education does not necessarily mean going to a none English speaking country and plenty of those countries offer great facilities for an international education.

New Zealand is actually a great example for those who want to get their education abroad. The country has become more and more popular over the years and is now welcoming around eighty thousand students from all over the world in its universities, colleges?
On top of being a great place to get an overseas education, New Zealand offers a lot as a place to live. You will quickly find that accommodation really is at a top standard and usually close to the places where you would go to study but would also be available at a very good price that suit students. Not only is the accommodation good, but so is the public transport to facilitate your travels in the cities and the legendary countryside.

The country has around eight big national universities that are offering different degrees from commerce to science.
The quality of the education offered there is actually being recognised worldwide.

Not only is New Zealand a fantastic place to study overseas, but it also is an amazing place to live. It is a beautiful multicultural country not really highly populated with only four million inhabitants coming from various ethnic origins like obviously British and Europeans but also Maori and Pacific Island origins.

Being a foreign student there you would still be allowed to work a certain amount of hours in New Zealand. There, student on a three year course are allowed to work for up to fifteen hours a week during their academic year and summer holidays.
But to be allowed to work in this country, students will have to have a variation of conditions to their student permit by completing a specific application form.
Like many other countries you will need a student visa if you wish to study more than three months in New Zealand. But if you are coming from certain countries, you may actually not need a student visa but simply to apply for a student permit after your arrival on the country.
Interestingly enough, if you wish to study in New Zealand for more than six months, you will need to provide a completed temporary entry x-ray certificate showing that you have been screened for tuberculosis.

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