Taking Up International MBA in India

International Masters in Business Administration is also known as IMBA and is the powerful combination of basic business education and global processes. When you take this degree, you have the power to get groomed and trained for international arenas in a big way. Most people take up IMBA outside the country, but as matter of fact, you can take up international MBA in India, as well.

When you ask yourself why you need a MBA degree, you will find many answers. Most students take the degree to ensure that have hold on all the modern business elements and can compete with the global students. At the first place, it is wise not to get confused with the varied kinds of MBA programs. Students generally opt for universities in the United States or United Kingdom, and the trend has been the same over the years. However, there are many accredited institutions that offer the program in India.

The main reason why you would take a degree in international business studies is the fact that you want to go global. For example, if you are studying about the operations of particular company, you will have to learn about its operations in many countries rather than limiting your knowledge to general operations. For applying for the degree outside India, you need to give a test called TOEFL and sometimes other tests, as well. However, when you are applying in India as a citizen of the country, you can apply without the test.

International Masters in Business Administration can focus on many areas, depending on the course structure offered by the college. The list may include international relations, political science, and sociology. There are courses that are interdisciplinary, as well. It is obvious that when you are taking IMBA, you need to be much more disciplined and organized than a traditional MBA. The level of knowledge that you will get from the course will be much deeper. You will learn to take risks with currency without making losses, keeping the economic and political facts and specifics in mind.

If you are willing to have a special degree that will give you a strong foothold in business, this is the right degree for you. Anyone who is willing to have a degree that will offer the chance to settle in many parts of the globe must opt for IMBA. In fact, when you take this degree, you open new dimensions for yourself. You can work for many multinational companies across the globe without having any defined limits.

India is one of the best countries for education, and when you have the option to complete your International MBA in India, you don’t need to look elsewhere. The amount you will pay for the course here will be much less than what you would spend outside the country. The colleges and institutions here are extremely well built on course structure and infrastructure and offer you the edge that you always wanted in your career. There are many colleges that you can check online for IMBA.

California Job Outlook: Healthcare Workers In Huge Demand! By Dotty

Temperature is right for Healthcare Opportunities
A healthcare career might be just the cure for your occupational woes. Whether it?s working with patients, being a key contributor in a medical office team, or opening up your own business, healthcare is a satisfying, challenging and exciting career choice. And there?s never been a better time to train for a healthcare position. With the aging of the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), a shift from inpatient to outpatient care, and the expansion of healthcare centers, the demand for healthcare workers is expected to increase in the years to come, especially in California.

Below are the fastest growing Healthcare Careers in California:
*Dental Assisting*
Average Annual Wage: $31,985
2002-2012 Job Growth: 57%
Future Career Paths: Dental Hygienist, Licensed Vocational Nurse

*Health Claims Examiner/Medical Biller*
Average Annual Wage: $31,772
2002-2012 Job Growth: 41%
Future Career Paths: Medical Coder, Insurance Adjuster
*Massage Therapy*
Average Annual Wage: $36,340
2002-2012 Job Growth: 21%
Future Career Paths: Physical Therapist, Day Spa Manager

*Medical Assistant*
Average Annual Wage: $28,890
2002-2012 Job Growth: 46%
Future Career Paths: Licensed Vocational Nurse, Medical Coder

*Optical Dispensing*
Average Annual Wage: $32,441
2002-2012 Job Growth: 23%
Future Career Paths: Store Owner, Manufacturers Sales Rep

*Pharmacy Technician*
Average Annual Wage: $33,632
2002-2012 Job Growth: 31%
Future Career Paths: Occupational Therapy Assistant, Dietetic Technician

*Surgical Technology*
Average Annual Wage: $40,178
2002-2012 Job Growth: 36%
Future Career Paths: Central Supply Mgr, Asst. Operating Room Admin.

*Diagnostic Medical Sonagraphy*
Average Annual Wage: $60,908
2002-2012 Job Growth: 21%
Future Career Paths: Physician?s Assistant, Medical Technologist

** Salaries listed above are average annual wages reported by the Employment Development Department of the State of California and do not reflect entry level salaries for the healthcare positions listed.

Key Success Factors
Do you have a genuine desire to help people? Then chances are you?ll be successful as a healthcare professional. The four other critical skills you?ll need to succeed in health care are:

? Team player. Healthcare is a group activity, so people skills and teamwork are essential.
? Compassionate and caring. Helping take care of people requires patience and a service-orientated attitude.
? Comfortable in any setting. You might be part of a huge organization or a small staff, working at the local, state, regional or national level. The possibilities are endless.
? Desire for lifelong learning. You?ll need to keep studying and learning throughout your career to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Healthcare provides a helping hand
Healthcare professionals are essential when it comes to caring for the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of individuals. Whether you?re a health information specialist or a dental receptionist, all support staff play a vital role in patient care. As an important contributor to the healthcare system, you?ll need to be able to establish trust and credibility with fellow workers and patients. Good communication skills, ability to follow directions, and strong listening ability are important, especially if you?re working in a clinical environment.

Technical abilities are a must
Technology has altered the practice of healthcare. No matter what the healthcare field, an ability to work with computers and high-tech equipment is a powerful asset. As a medical biller, you will probably be asked to help process some claims electronically. Medical clinical assistants may need to deal with an Electronic Medical Record. Pharmacy technicians often operate automated pill dispensers. But if you?re unfamiliar with such tools, don?t worry?your all-important career college will help introduce you to these concepts.

Exciting environments
Is it any wonder that shows like NBC?s ?ER? and ?Scrubs,? and CBS? ?Rescue 911,? have been so popular? They show the drama of medicine and the reality of life-and-death situations. Healthcare is filled with stimulating and interesting interactions. Of course, big-city hospitals bustle with activity, but even a quiet suburban assisted living facility, chiropractic office, retail pharmacy, HMO, or medical clinic have everyday drama and fascinating daily interactions. If you like a variety of tasks, work well under stress, and take pride in doing a job well done, then you have what it takes to be a valuable member of the healthcare team.

Lifelong learning
Medical-related workplaces have always been settings that support and encourage professional growth and development. Opportunities for on-the-job training and continuing education abound, and often employers will subsidize your schooling. You?ll also have lots of opportunities for advancement, so your ambition will serve you well in a healthcare profession. If you?re interested in a career like massage therapy, be assured that complementary and alternative medicines are being integrated into conventional healthcare systems, offering you even greater opportunities. No matter what your area of interest, be sure you start out at a school that provides a positive learning environment and is prepared to help you launch your career in this exciting arena.

Reality check
Although not every healthcare professional works with patients, those who do will find that people are sicker, older, and living longer, often with chronic diseases. Keeping a positive attitude is key for maintaining a cheerful office or clinic. Are you up to the challenge? Being a paid caregiver requires confidence, commitment and compassion.

The clock never stops ticking in the healthcare profession. Perhaps it?s time for you to join this financially rewarding, stable and gratifying occupation. One recent study showed that California led other states in the number of advertised healthcare job vacancies, with other regions also showing a strong demand across the nation.
One healthcare worker said it best: ?Touching someone?s life in a positive way is the most rewarding work that there is.?

To request free information about the healthcare career training programs offered in southern California, visit .
To request free information about the healthcare career training programs offered in northern California?s San Joaquin Valley, visit .

About American Career College For over 25 years, American Career College (ACC) has been helping thousands of students get their start in the healthcare industry. ACC offers nine healthcare training programs at campuses in Los Angeles, Orange County and Norco, California:
Dental Assisting
Health Claims Examiner/Medical Biller
Massage Therapy
Optical Dispensing
Vocational Nursing
Pharmacy Technician
Surgical Technology
Diagnostic & Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)
Medical Assistant

About A.C.I. Career College At its McHenry Avenue campus in Modesto, CA, the College offers six accredited healthcare training programs:
Health Information Specialist
Medical Clinical Assistant
Medical-Dental Administrative Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Massage Therapist
Medical Dental Receptionist

Dotty Zukoff is a freelance writer who specializes in writing articles on career education opportunities. She contributes regularly to e-zines and works with strategic marketing companies that specialize in lead generation marketing for career schools, including Smart Prospector () and Effective Student Marketing ().

Things To Do Before Studying Abroad In Asia

I’ve talked to many students who ask me if a study abroad in Hong Kong program is worth it. My answer to every one of them is an astounding yes. Even if the standard of education in your current school or university is excellent, it still can’t compare to the educational experience a student will enjoy when they study abroad in Asia.

A study abroad South Korea program is a fun yet amazing experience. So many students dream of leaving the country, but a study abroad Asia program is your chance to just that. However, these programs are more than getting on an airplane and arriving.

Here are a few pieces of advice you should think about before signing up to study abroad Hong Kong:

Your visas, passports and official documentation – It doesn’t matter if you are part of a study abroad Asia program or signing up for a school-sponsored exchange program, you will need a valid passport as well as specific documents mandatory for certain countries. I recommend visiting the U.S. Department of State?s travel portal for a list of documents you’ll need in order to study abroad in Asia. It?s a good idea to apply as early as possible for a visa if you don’t have one already.

Currency exchange rate – It doesn’t matter where you are going to study abroad in Asia. You better know what type of cash you?ll need. Look up the exchange rate for that specific country and try to get a basic understand of what their currency is worth compared to the U.S. dollar.

Stay safe – Be sure to check out the U.S. Department of State?s list of travel warnings for Americans abroad. It provides information about potential threats to Americans overseas. True, you won’t need to worry to much when you study abroad in Hong Kong but you still don?t want to wander in or near an unsafe area. My rule of thumb is to avoid any political demonstrations while you study abroad in Asia, even if your inner activist aches.

Living arrangement – I know a study abroad Asia program takes up a lot of your free time with classes or a enjoying a fun night out on the town, but you’re still going to need somewhere to sleep at night. Some schools provide residence halls, but pay attention to their rules and restrictions. In some instances, you?ll be staying with a host family. Pick a dictionary and maybe learn a few of their some basic phrases and sayings before you study abroad South Korea.

Keep in touch with family – You’re going to want to stay in close contact with your family and friends during your time study abroad Korea and sometimes e-mail just doesn’t cut it. Talk to your school or search online for international cell phones and plans. Before you leave find out if your cellphone can be used overseas and what types of fees will be charged.

Give New Heights to Your Career With Online Classes And Degree

If you are a working professional and want to achieve new career heights, salary hike, and career advancement or just want to finish degree program, then join online classes to get degree certificate. Online Learning classes have become latest trend for getting degree or diploma certificates to get better job opportunity in corporate world. Online learning methods have been well appreciated across the globe for its flexibility in timings, classroom assignments, exams, transfer credits, lower cost and study materials. There are other benefits of online degree which have been described below.

Anytime anywhere Working professionals or students can take admission in any courses and attend classes according to their convenience. The classroom time is not confined for any learners, so they can enroll in any e- learning classes anytime anywhere throughout this world.

24/7 accessibility E-learning classes are available 24/7, as course materials are accessible through internet, so students can read, discuss and also share views with faculty members. No matter whatever one’s working schedule is online classes are available for day and night.

Various online courses offered There are no any geographical boundaries for Online Degree classes, so working professionals can select any courses that bright their future. Online colleges are offering various courses for e- learning classes like MBA, marketing, communication, computer programming, media management, human resource management and others.

Low cost E- Learning classes usually cost less than traditional classroom study programs, as infrastructure, textbook materials, lab facilities and faculty members may cost high. But, online class materials are prepared with multimedia design with the help of subject matter experts which cost very low expenditure. Many adult students are taking these advantages to groom their career as Online Degree is the easiest way to get new career achievements.

Flexible study timing One of the major advantages of Online Learning program is that it provides extremely flexible timings for study schedule and no matter whatever your responsibilities or working hours, you can select your own learning hours. If you have children at home or part -time or full -time job or any other accountabilities which have become obstacle in your career, then choose your own study timetable, and also do your other responsibilities.

Balance your job and class Time is the big factor for working professionals, as students and instructors both need to come in the classroom center at specific time which consumes time, energy and money. So, taking degree from traditional channels become hurdle for students, but Online degree programs are offered with suitable timings, courses and certificates, so that a person can earn while learning.

Advice from experts Online teachers or lecturers are skilled in their respective fields and they know how to face new challenges of Online Learning classes like solving analytical problems, listening to each student’s problem to online group discussion on any subject. Live group chat gives much exposure to the students with practical examples and clearing concepts. Students can join group chat or may associate with groups of experts through online chat, this establishes better communication medium between faculty members and students. It gives valuable insights for e- learning classes.

Conclusion Online Degree has become popular trend for many good reasons, as many top- class universities are offering various ranges of online degree courses which gives new job opportunities for working students and professionals. Time flexibility, availability of a number of courses, no classroom sitting hassles and low cost have made it one of the prevalent choices among aspirants.

The Importance Of Online Education

The progression of technology each day more and more people are hooked to the magical world of internet. The thing coming into the forefront because of this evolution is the advent of internet learning or online education. A growing number of conventional schools are now offering online degree programs so that the people that cannot attend normal school because of a problem might not loose out on education. This is also a great facility for busy working professionals that want to boost their careers.
The thing which is making these study programs so popular is the convenience and flexibility that these online schools offer are what people find attractive. Online learning is getting universally popular but it has risen to staggering heights in the US. Statistics reveal that every year about 7-11 percent increase in the number of students that study online. The online registered students are in the tens of millions with about 3 million students in the US. Institutes like Rochville University have yearly turnover of about 50000 students.

The most popular online programs at both the undergraduate and professional levels are business and IT related. Rochville University gives out degrees in 150 different courses. There is also a massive improvement in the technology that is being used for the classes. The things that took a lot of time to download and upload can be done in the matter of seconds hence assignments can be submitted easily when it took a lot of time before. There are also better means for Interaction like video conferencing and all while this was done by mails before which is pretty one dimensional way of communication. This has led to a more positive impact on a student?s motivation and performance. Certain other features have also been enhanced like security so the student?s information can be secured. Students can also interact with other students globally this result in the sharing of ideas which transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

The biggest challenge that faces online educational authorities is that the degrees are not yet universally accepted. The solution for this problem is the online accreditation counsels and they have helped in getting the degrees recognized globally. Universities like Rochville University, Ashwood are accredited for UECOA. These ensure that students like Ashwood, Rochville and Belford universities get accepted the world over.

Online education is definitely the way forward as it enables people to continue with their education no matter where they live and what they do. It is our responsibility that universities like Rochville University don?t close up because of a lack of funds because it will be us who will be the ultimate losers.

How To Tackle Low Self-esteem in University

With a healthy self-esteem, you’ll feel happier, enjoy better relationships and be more likely to achieve your goals.

Having a low self-esteem is not cool and can negatively affect your life. But, let’s face it – sometimes the way you feel about yourself can take a real knock. Rebecca Mamabolo, describes self-esteem as how you view yourself: “A high self-esteem means you believe in yourself and value yourself, while a low self-esteem means you don’t.”

The problem with low self-esteem is that it can lead you to doing negative things, like taking drugs or having unprotected sex. “If your self-esteem is low, you won’t care so much about taking good care of yourself by exercising and eating healthily either,” says Mamabolo. “With a low self-esteem, you’re also more likely to get into abusive relationships, which can leave you feeling lonely and sad. You’re also less likely to leave a cheating partner who could give you HIV.”

Mamabolo adds that having a low self-esteem may cause you to choose the wrong career because you don’t trust your own decisions, and feel it’s better to just follow whatever course, diploma or degree your friends are doing. “It’s also harder for you to achieve your goals if you don’t feel good about yourself,” she says. So, remember to respect yourself so others can do the same!

3 steps to boost your self-esteem: