College Stress-5 Ugly Studying Habits That Should Be Avoided

Tell me, do you have any college stress as a student? Is it because you scored poor grades or you haven?t read and exams are around the corner? Then what is the cause of this? You should first realize that you don?t get something for nothing. What does this mean? Frankly speaking, you won?t get good results if you?re not willing to put efforts. You have to sacrifice yourself. “What! Sacrifice myself?”

Yes, you have to! No more argument about this! Some efforts are required to achieve the best grades that enable you to further your education. You will agree with me that most pupils in university and college who want to achieve best grades realize that they have first to get rid of bad studying habits. College stress is mostly experienced by students who have bad studying habit along other types of habits. These habits are:

1. Naturally, the worst studying habit is not reading at all or hating a specific subject. Some students never open their textbooks to read yet they expect to score good grades. In context to this, I am confessing to you. But before I do, first promise me that you won?t laugh at me.

Well? while in high school I hated math. I usually kept all mathematics textbooks at the bottom of my locker. So, after a couple of months, I could take them out not to do some math calculations but to dust them. Guess what eventually happened? Do I really need to tell you that I was the second best from bottom? Thanks to God, because I got serious and changed this bad studying habit. You can also do the same if you?re like me. Yes, for sure you can do it to minimize your college stress.

2. Skipping classes is another bad studying habit that contributes to college stress. If your lecturer or teacher wants to discuss a particular topic that is not in the textbooks and you happen to be absent, then there are high chances of you not attaining best grades. The best way to get that information is by attending classes as per schedule. While you might be able to get it from one of your classmates, it’s always better to hear it for yourself.

3. Being unprepared is a bad studying habit. This happens when students don?t have all the requirements such as textbooks or stationery. This ends up causing distraction to students who are prepared.

4. Some bad studying habits that contribute to college stress are physical and psychological in nature. Examples of such habits are: Studying without eating, too much reading without resting, insufficient sleep, home related problem etc.

5. Another studying bad habit that leads to college stress is cramming and last minute intensive reading. It is better you draft a reading schedule to help you in preparing for exams early.